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What is Thread Lifting Treatment?

We all know the fact aging signs first at your face, and it becomes more visible as people grow older. Hence, people start hunting for anti-aging procedures.

Thread Lifting Treatment involves the insertion of threads beneath the skin. The filaments of thread are attached to the tissue, and then they are pulled tighter to eliminate sagging. New collagen is formed by the body which surrounds the filament as well as lifts the sagging skin.

With anti-aging procedures such as Thread Lifting, one can visibly make disappear the damage caused to the skin by wrinkles as well as skin sagging.

A thread lift treatment is a non-invasive anti-aging procedure that we offer at our NJ Aesthetics facility located in Newark, New Jersey.

Woman Doing Thread Lifting Treatment
Thread Lifting Treatment

Learn more about Thread Lifting Treatment facts

  • Thread lift treatment is also known as a one-hour facelift, which is a non-surgical process provided as an alternative to a facelift or neck.
  • Threads made from the biodegradable substance is called polydioxanone for the procedure of thread lifting.
  • The injection has an ultra-thin long needle that gets injected into the subcutaneous thread then lifts counteract sagging of the facial tissue, and they show immediate results.
  • After a period of 180 to 240 days, the threads are reabsorbed
  • It can last up to two years.
  • The process is not at all painful, and a local or topical anesthetic is available.
  • The process is not at all suggested for people with severe somatic diseases, autoimmune diseases, ischemic heart diseases or collagenases, and blood diseases.
  • An individual can feel discomfort, but it is usually temporary.

What are the advantages of Thread Lifting treatment?

  • Thread lift treatment is an alternative therapy for plastic surgery.
  • The process of thread lifting treatment does not require hospitalization, or a long period of recovery, or anesthesia.
  • A person can see immediate results, and they do see improving within two months due to continuous treatment.
  • Thread lifting treatment is performed on different body parts as well as a face for any specific problem or face rejuvenation.