NJ Aesthetics office is located at Newark, New Jersey. We offer the best Botox treatment services at a very affordable cost and our clients are from all around New Jersey and neighboring states, NY, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Our doctors make sure to provide our clients with the desired outcomes. We ensure that your wrinkles getaway in no time, and you look more beautiful in a natural way. You can contact our Newark office for more details about the Botox treatment as well as other treatments provided at NJ Aesthetics.

What is Dysport/BOTOX treatment?

Botox is nothing but a purified protein that is found in nature. Botox is a toxin, but there are no such side-effects when it used in the right manner for cosmetic purposes. Botox treatment is used for years now, and it is used to treat medical conditions, for example, wrinkles around the eyes.

How does Botox treatment works?

  • Botox treatment helps to relax our facial muscles, and it stops the contraction of muscles. It prevents the facial muscles from the formation of dynamic lines that are seen when an individual smiles or frown
  • A few drops of botox are first injected into the muscle that is responsible for creating a wrinkle or line. Afterward, it blocks the nerve impulse and doesn’t allow nerve impulse to reach the muscle, and the muscle gets relaxed.
  • As the muscle gets relaxed, the skin that overlays the muscle gets softened, and the wrinkles are disappeared and diminished.


What kind of improvement one observes?

After a few days, the facial lines get softened. When you repeat the treatments, the lines are diminished as well as get disappeared. Botox for face treatment gives the desired outcomes and lasts for 3 to 6 months. Time plays a crucial role in the BOTOX treatment- you will get long-lasting results, but you have to take subsequent treatment before your facial muscle activity gets returned. With the Botox treatment, you will see yourself healthier as well as younger in a more natural way. The botox treatment takes about 10-15 minutes with minimal discomfort. No recovery time is needed.

Botox treatment can combine with chemical peels, microdermabrasion, or dermal fillers to improve results within few weeks. There is a different combination of therapies available to prevent the new line formation and wrinkles.

Does the injection hurt?

Our doctors are well-trained and experienced. They use injection that consists of tiny specialized needles to make the process comfortable and relaxed. Lightly ice is applied in specific areas whenever required to assess your skin. Anesthesia is not at all required.

What happens after the procedure?

You can go within a day, and there is no recovery time required. It is suggested that you should not lie down, get a massage done after the treatment, and follow the instructions given by our doctors.


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